Evolving Echoes

“Join us on a poetic journey like no other. ‘Evolving Echoes’ is a yearlong experiment in collective poetry, open to anyone. Biweekly, a new verse appears. It’s your chance to freely associate with it and come up with your verse (answer, words, sentence, question,…) whatever sparks your imagination. Contribute and let your voice echo in the noosphere of poetics. Please find the current sentence by clicking on the participate button.”

Pukkelpop Festival 2023

“The Psychedelic Seeker”, as featured at the Artist Village of Pukkelpop 2023, is an interactive artwork that invites viewers to embark on a mind-expanding journey through the realms of language and perception. This vibrant and kaleidoscopic piece explores the intertwining connection between psychedelics and the power of words. At first glance, the artwork presents itself as a mesmerizing visual tapestry. Upon closer inspection, they discover that the artwork is composed of a multitude of overlapping words and phrases about psychedelics, their meanings shifting and transforming as the viewer’s perspective changes.

Creator and Destroyer of Civilization

Explore an intriguing artwork that melds poetry with contemporary hieroglyphs, utilizing the webdings font to venture into the frontiers of language and imagery. At its heart lies a pivotal question: “Where does meaning find its boundaries, and where does it begin?” This unique piece serves as an experiment, weaving together language and visual elements to convey elusive meanings. Through the use of contemporary hieroglyphs and the webdings font, it establishes a symbiotic relationship between textual symbols and visual elements, beckoning viewers to decipher and interpret. As you delve into this captivating creation, ponder the profound query, “Where does meaning’s realm truly cease, or where does it emerge?”

Buckminster College

Buckminster College is reimagining international, interregional, intercultural education for ages 10-18. The general idea is that cognitive development in adolescence must be supported (and indeed boldly inspired!) along accelerating, asynchronous, and divergent learning trajectories. The aim is good attunement to complexity: the complexity of the world — and the complexity of the mind. The underlying theoretical and philosophical approaches are sourced from interdisciplinary research in the domain of pedagogy of individuation and thriving in the complex, uncertain, open-ended world. Behind the project is an international group of academics affiliated with the Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) of the Free University in Brussels (VUB) and instructors and alumni of the Postgraduate School of Thinking VUB.

UR.zone Ghent is a regenerative business center for coworking, meeting or renting an office space. ‘You are (UR)’ is a place for connection between people and nature. This is where people can meet, empower and work with each other to build a positive future for our planet. UR focuses on companies and organizations that are working on regenerative sustainability. This means that they not only want to discuss their carbon footprint, but also strive to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Embracing the Void is a book filled with thoughts, rhymes and questions on the human experience. It prompts the reader to question their reality and their sense of self. It is mystical and absurd, transcendental and grounding, deep and meaningless. We are born from the void and we will return to it. What we do in between is trying to make sense out of the nonsense. For me, the only way to do this is by a creative endeavour which attempts to grasp the emptiness hiding in each and everyone of us.

On Dialogue is a decentralised and fractionalized artwork containing 608 unique NFT’s, each measuring 1000×1000 pixels. Together they form one work one big digital work 32000×20000 pixels or 8.46 x 5.29 meters. Fractionalized art refers to the practice of dividing ownership of a work of art into smaller, more affordable units, which can be bought and sold individually.